Teen Prostitution


One thought on “Teen Prostitution

  1. I need to make this statement: This is a great video, but teens do NOT commit prostitution, they are Prostituted! Young people can’t rent their own hotel rooms, and post their own ads on backpage. They don’t usually pay their own phone bill, can’t bond themselves out of jail, and usually don’t drive themselves to the track. This is NOT a career choice, and they do NOT figure out how to do this themselves. They are prostituted teens, and the average entry age is 13, soon to be 12 if it is not already. These Youth are considered trafficking victims according to federal law.

    I also need to say that a Pimp is NOT always male. A pimp or trafficker can be anyone. It can be an uncle, father, mother, sister, cousin, friend, or stranger. There are many female pimps. Pimps come in all shapes , colors, and sizes. They are perpetrators that know what to look for.

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