Human Trafficking in Suburbia? You BET!!

girl at risk“Pimps are actively recruiting suburban High School students and they’re pulling in the girls right now. If your daughter is on Facebook, she may be friends with these pimps, but she won’t know them as pimps. They’re just guys who send messages saying ‘You’re Beautiful.’ “

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It has gotten so bad, that even in the Mid-West, Public Service Agents are going into the schools to warn the girls what is happening!

Here is a story from Ohio:

Are your children at risk?

About The Humanitarian Alliance

reching handsWe are an advocate based non-profit organization that stringently supports the SURVIVORS of sex trafficking.

We specialize in getting people INVOLVED through providing knowledge and tools to fight back against human sex trafficking in their own communities. There are more slaves today than at an other time in human history. Sex trafficking of children and women is now the second most ‘profitable’ enterprise in the world and the growth rates are increasing at alarming rates.

Most of the public is unaware of this. This concerns issues of poverty, lack of education, and childbirth, the role and status of women, and harmful traditional practices and sexual violence. Poverty, early marriage, and lack of education place mostly young women in positions of severe disadvantage and do not enable them to be advocates for their own health and well being.

This effort is a nonpartisan union that does support the current administrative efforts in ending human sex trafficking. We are also an organization that deeply appreciates the involvement of all faiths, races, and genders.


Ms. James


800,000 children missing

800,000 children missing

The statistics are staggering! But people don’t want to see it.

800,000 American children missing per year, with 1 out of 3 of them being forced into sex slavery. That is approximately TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND of our children being competely dehumanized PER YEAR!

That’s the reality of what we are dealing with! We need to stay alert to the possibility that it is happening all around us…

Thank you to the Nomad Truckers, for this arwork drawing attention to the problem.

Human Trafficking

This girl was kept in a box when she was not being used like an object.

The short film above, is a collection of posters and artwork, which were done to draw attention to the many faces of Human Trafficking; that are set to music by the Human League.

It is well worth watching, because we don’t usually want to recognize modern slavery when we see it. Evil is hard to look at!

This film helps to show some of the many forms sex slavery takes; and helps to raise our awareness so that we might be more likely to make an issue of it, when we see something suspicious.

Human Trafficing victims are mostly hidden in plain sight, yet they are too frightened to ask for help.

Our awareness is their only chance of escape.

12 People are Charged in a Four State Sex Ring

states for human trafficing bustProsecutors charged 12 people on Thursday with running a sex trafficking and prostitution ring across four Southern states.

Authorities say that the suspects lured unsuspecting female immigrants to the United States; and then threatened them with deportation unless they became prostitutes.

The operation spanned Georgia, Florida and North and South Carolina, said Edward J. Tarver, the United States attorney in Savannah.

Federal agents on Wednesday were able to rescue 11 of the women who were victims of the operation.